An intelligent earth

Tim Flannery and Redmond O’Hanlon discuss evolution etc. on Thurs, 10 March, 2011

Tim Flannery is an Australian naturalist who has discovered many species, and was almost there when the Floris hobbits were discovered (he knows the team that did it)

He makes many analogies to fire ants, which by changes in two genes have lost all aggression towards other fire ants. This allows a lone fire ant to walk from florida to Vancouver without being molested (by other ants)– a superorganism.

Tim expands the Gai hypothesis to add that thanks to us, the earth has an intelligence and a nervous system. He likens it to an infant, since the systems are not well connected.

Also the importance of cooperation, which the social darwinists got wrong.

Darwin changed man’s place in the world. Pre-D: a loving caring God made a stage for a morality play which allows us to prove ourselves. Post-D: an uncaring and mostly malicious process produced us and it is a mad never-ending battle for survival.

My question: what comes next?


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