The focus of US law enforcement

Dear Tiger,

I shared a rant with Mike the other day, let’s see if I can find it– ah, yes,

Millions of Americans are without jobs and are having their homes foreclosed.  The U.S. is currently fighting three out-in-the-open wars (or, if you prefer, one war, one occupation, and one kinetic humanitarian intervention) and several other covert ones.  Financial and political elites are preparing to tell Americans (quite unpersuasively) that they have to sacrifice Social Security, Medicare and other entitlements because the U.S. debt is so large and unmanageable that it threatens to subvert America’s superior creditworthiness.  And we’re constantly told that civil liberties erosions are necessary to combat the Great Menace of Domestic Terrorism.  So what is our political class focused on, and to what are law enforcement resources being devoted? “

The answers: online pornography and online poker.

There you go.

His reply was
“Six times a day I stop whatever I am doing, turn to face the capitol building and shake my fist in the air at congress. “

Maybe we could turn this into a movement?


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