6 degree hunting

A flow of ideas:

Map my facebook, Linked In, and collaboration networks on the world, each a different color, zoomable/scaleable etc.

Wouldn’t it be cool if I could add my friend’s networks, or make this as a tool that anyone could do?

Personal Network Mapper app

What if we use this to look for people, as a game? Hop around the world, bonus points if you find Osama Bin Ladin, or ?

Ok, but software will already find your shortest path for you. Then it isn’t a game.

Solution: use fictional nodes. Give people clues. To find the answer you need to assemble a set of clues which you get by asking around your network.Or you can trade/buy/sell clues. You win clues by solving/finding things.

Use fictional characters. “On the internet, no-one knows you are a dog” or even better, why don’t lepruchans have facebook pages?


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