A new word!

From the Wired article, “The Angel’s Share”:

Torula is a junk genus, now seen less as a proper taxonomical designation and more as a drawer that old-time researcher threw brownish black fungi into when they didn’t fit anywhere else.

Let’s make this a generic term– we need a catch-all box.

Torula is a yeast which is formally known as Candida utilis. Torula … preferring cellulose-rich substrates such as wood, leaf litter, and paper pulp. In several regions, people deliberately cultivate this yeast for industrial purposes, usually on a substrate of wood pulp which makes the yeast easy to extract.

This yeast can be used to provide dietary supplementation, especially in food for cats and dogs, where its high protein content is very useful. It is also used in the production of food for farmed fish and other food products. The slightly meaty flavor of this yeast, which lacks the bitterness many people associate with yeasts, causes some companies to use it as a flavor enhancer in some foods, especially packaged foods.


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