Thoughts from my sister

My sister sent the following, which she wrote after Katherine Jerrerts Schori visited her classroom:

K. Schori is the 26th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States, and a Swede

Fri. June 24, 2011
Katherine Jefferts Schori (sp)

There are 2 Creation Stories. The first holds that Creation is good, and that after humans were created it was very good. The second tends to focus on what went wrong. Another Creation begins when Jesus is baptized and God pronounces, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. “ Then Jesus begins his ministry.
What if we were to hear those words spoken by God to us?
KJS invites us to hear the words, and meditate upon them.
“You are my Beloved, in whom I am well pleased.”
She invites us to close our eyes and receive that message. She joins us in meditation and it fills the room with blessing.
The group processes with partners. Some noteworthy comments:
Teaching style models that of inquiry method. Present lesson (use story), spend time working with the lesson, reflect in small groups, then as a whole group. Did Jesus use this same approach?
Find the essentiality of the lesson. This is reflected in the workshop style of teaching in Fountas and Pinnell.
She presents the question to the entire group: “What if we approached everyone we encounter with the belief that they are beloved? What would happen?”
Observer changes outcome,

Vision of future: from Isaiah, everyone eats, no war
Start at vision and work backwards.

Accept what you see.


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