The power of cliche

America, land of cliche

Drawn from an editorial in the 14 july ht (the day after the mumbia bombing). Some harvard buds school profs selling evidence based management as the new trend. Fact- evidence- realty- based The author’s point is that all of these are stupid or obvious ideas.

My take: cliche sells, since that out how people think (Hume). Saying the cliches well is what matters.

It helps that I think I remember why evidence based medicine came it. The author suggested that divination was the opposite choice, but no, there was a real problem.

From wikipedia, on the history of EBM
Traces of evidence-based medicine’s origin can be found in ancient Greece,[19][25] Although testing medical interventions for efficacy has existed since the time of Avicenna’s The Canon of Medicine in the 11th century,[26][27] it was only in the 20th century that this effort evolved to impact almost all fields of health care and policy. Professor Archie Cochrane, a Scottish epidemiologist, through his book Effectiveness and Efficiency: Random Reflections on Health Services (1972) and subsequent advocacy, caused increasing acceptance of the concepts behind evidence-based practice


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