Gun notes

Dan Wesson barrels:
and custom grips
pre 1989 ONLY!!

“best” bullet depends on what I can handle. Grant Cunningham says “I load up the trusted and proven .38 Special +P 158 grain all lead semi-wadcutter hollowpoint.”

Revolver reload technique is here:

Another clip:
If you take self defense seriously, however, at some point you have to ask about the “after part” – what happens after you’ve discharged your gun at an assailant. Marty is the President of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, which has just released his booklet titled “What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self Defense Law”.

Beautiful handmade grips:

Maintenance. The Jerry Kuhnhausen books, available from Amazon or Heritage Gun Books (the publisher)
Avoid colts made during the UAW strike (1986-1990).

Highway Patrolman model 27,28

Purchase via

Media apperances:

Books: Practical Shooting : Beyond Fundamentals
Refinement and Repetition, Dry-fire Drills for Dramatic Improvement [Spiral-bound] b Steve Anderson
Fast and fancy revolver shooting by Edward McGivern
Gunsmithing. Pistols and Revolvers by Patrick Sweeney

maybe: Combat Shooting with Massad Ayoob for EU based purchases. Books, supplies, etc

Break-Free CLP
Sentry Products tuf-guard -> accessories

Importing to the US. Try Simpson LTD.


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