Electronic weapons

Electromagnetic weapons: Frying tonight

Describes several weapons systems which use an EMP:

the Boeing Growler uses electromagnetics as offensive weapons. The Growler, which first saw action in Iraq in 2010 is a souped-up version of the Super Hornet. It is fitted with five pods. The pods can be used either to spy on enemy communications or to destroy them; to suppress anti-aircraft fire; to disable the electronics of ground vehicles; and to make life so hazardous for enemy aircraft that they dare not fly. The Growler is able to keep its weapons charged up and humming by lowering special turbines into the airstream that rushes past the plane when it is flying. America has ordered 114 of the planes, and has taken delivery of 53.

On ships: BAE Systems, a British defence firm, is building a ship-mounted electromagnetic gun. The High-Powered Microwave, as it is called, is reported by Aviation Week to be powerful enough to disable all of the motors in a swarm of up to 30 speedboats.

The Radio-Frequency Vehicle Stopper, a microwave transmitter the size and shape of a small satellite dish that pivots on top of an armoured car.

Shielding buildings via electrically conductive cement. Global Contour’s mixture includes fibres of steel and carbon would add only $20 to the $150 per cubic metre which ordinary concrete costs.


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