The problem with capitalism (global ??)

Wired magazine has an article on changes in the perfume industry. A number of traditional ingredients have been prohibited as they may cause mild allergy in the occasional individual. Most of these ingredients are of natural origin, i.e. oak musk.

The industry has a self-regulating agency, the IFRA, (it has little to no government regulation), they decided on these restrictions. Their reasoning:

We can’t do otherwise. If we can’t demonstrate a safe usage level, it’s not in our best interest to allow that material to continue to be used in a product.

Since each fragrance is destined to move from perfume to lotion, to soap, and any suggestion that it might not be suitable for all people means that a product might not reach its full global market and the profit that come along with it.

In other words, the point is to make money, not great perfumes. Evil.


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