Late Pleistocene Dispersal of Modern Humans in the Americas

By Ted Goebel, Science, 14 March 2008

A similar article featured on a recent podcast. Don’t want to look it up right now.

Goebel writes that
The human skeletal evidence across the Americas shows that the NEw World was populated by Homo Sapiens. Although the crania of htese early people look different from modern Native Americans, modern and ancient DNA studies show that they were genetically related. The earliest inhabitants of hte Americas hailed form south Siberia (Between the Altai Mountains and Amur Valley).

Current molecular evidence implies that members of a single population (of less than 5000 individuals) left Siberia and headed east to the Americas approximately 16.6 ka.

Humans colonized the Americas around 15 ka, immediately after deglaciation o fthe Pacific coastal corridor. The first Americans used boats, and the coastal corridor would have been the likely route of passage since the interior corridor appears to have remained closed for at least another 1000 years.


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