Market vs human economies

A human economy is an economic system primarily concerned with the creation, destruction, and rearrangement of humans. By contrast, a market economy is primarily concerned with gathering wealth.

Maker economies are a relatively new idea.

An ancient use of “money” is to “buy” a bride.  But this is not an ordinary purchase. Rather, the price paid can be seen as an acknowledgment of an unpayable debt. Only another woman is worth a woman. The same with bloodgeld, which, coincidently, often is about the same as brideprice.

These original forms of money are usually closely linked to items of adornment, the clothes which turn a naked body into a social being.

When a market economy meets a human economy, and esp when the market economy is both militarily superior and needs cheap labour, the human economy is turned into a mechanism to produce slaves, generally via these same unpayable debts.


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