Conservative press on the war on drugs

Two headlines this week:
Forbes: The War On Drugs Hurts Businesses and Investors

A criminal cancer is spreading through the global economy, taking its nutrition from the world-wide illegal drug business. … This enormous market is evidence that our efforts to stop the drug supply create the incentives that have grown a global criminal infrastructure of countless drug prohibition enterprises.

The political dynamic of being tough on crime and drugs led to a dramatic expansion of the population with a criminal record. Yet few analysts have calculated the full impact of expanded criminal punishment that has reduced opportunities for education, job training, employment, credit, marriage, and ultimately, American productivity and consumer buying power.

Article credited to Eric E. Sterling, who helped write much of the war on drugs legislation in the 1980s. He has also published a book, “A Businessperson’s Guide to the Drug Problem.”

Second headline: Wall Street Journal, Number of the Week: Legalize Pot to Make Roads Safer

8.7%: The drop in traffic fatalities in states with medical marijuana laws.

Not a rigourous study, and only a correlation, but interesting in any case.


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