Neat company. Their pitch:
all emerging markets have prepaid wireless subscribers. They all run out of money at some point. Most of the world is on a 2G network with a $15 Nokia phone. These people have do something called “flashing” – where they call their friends or their boss and hang up on the first ring. That’s a “flash” – the recipient now knows to call that person back. The phone company gets no revenue from this. On a daily basis this happens – are you ready – 8 billion times around the word (almost half of all cellphone calls are flashes each day!). It is a well-known form of communication. Starscriber goes to these countries and tells the consumers there is an easier more effective way to do this kind of “flash-messaging” with their service, they are up and running in Nigeria, Indonesia and Latin America.
“Connecting the unconnected”


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