America the Principled by Rosabeth Kanter

She works in organizational change, or teaches it at Harvard Bus Sch, or both.

Main thesis: The successful way to manage change, or to thrive in a dynamic environment, is by sticking to core principles. The moral compas is your guide.

She would like to see America stick to these three principles, which by implication says she thinks we are slipping away from them. I only remember two: open minds and common ground.

Kanter’s Law (named after her, perhaps by her) states that “everything looks like a failure in the middle”– and your principles guide you to success in the end. Her earlier book “Confidence — how winning streaks and loosing streaks begin and end” argues this point.

Best quote:
“Reality isn’t fixed, only our view of it.”

She discusses kaleidoscope vision. Twist the kaleidoscope.

She quotes some middle eastern buisness leaders as saying (in a case study) “If we know his religeon, we will know how he thinks”. This upset her, she does not like that level of fundamentalism.

The change element rule of thirds. 1/3 is for it, 1/3 is against it, 1/3 doesn’t care. Target those people without alienating the opponents.


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