Social Organisms and scale

SO are defined on mulitple scales. The larger scales provide the context in which the smaller scales operate. It gives meaning, purpose, to the smaller scale actorsscales.

Yet the smaller scale actors create the larger scale beings.

What are the ideas which bind a SO together? Do ideas have a scale? Is an idea which is diffuse on one scale pin-sharp/central/defining on another?

Scale words:

Family (10 people)
Clan (100-150 people)
Tribe (1K)
I now want to say that it is hard to reach the next level without settled life, but the Mongols prove me wrong
Town/district (10K)
City (100K-1M)
Nation-state (10-30M)

Local chapter/church/club (or, in a larger church, you may belong to a ministry group or a study group)
and various levels, i.e. state, national, diocese,

Ok, this one is tough. Many possible answers and depends so much on the business entity
Work group

These guys have it worked out through many years of trial. The following is based on the NATO APP-6A standard:
Fire and maneuver team (2)
Fireteam (3-5)
Crew or Squad (5-13)
Platoon (25-40)
Company (60-250)
Battalion (300-1K)
Brigade (2-5K)
Division (10-20K)
Corps (30-60K)
Army (100K)


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