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In recent weeks and months, I’ve reflected upon where various aspects of modern society could be leading us to, in the future. I’ve been an irritating what-iffer, proposing outrageous, extraneous and largely redundant projections of our very near future world. So far, I’ve examined everything from porn, trees, social networks to courtesy and celebrity.

And seeing as these reflections have received such blinding mediocracy, I feel it would be only suitable to continue in vain, with this. This upwards inflection. Some of you may wonder what the upwards inflection is – I’ve only been recently acquainted with the official term myself. It’s to do with tone, specifically the tone of voice. Let me see… How to put it.

Allow me to commandeer that voice which is digesting these words in your head at this very moment. Yes. That’s it. You’re me now. Read everything in my voice. But what is my voice?…

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