Occupy World Street author Ross Jackson at the RSA

Discussion between Ross Jackson and Caroline Lucason RJ’s new book promoting a few nations breaking away from the current global order to form a Gaia Trust, and then gaining the support of the citizens of the world.

Image from her Wikipedia page

Gives me such mixed thoughts. Little new here, we all know the issues and what is at stake.

Lucas is the better speaker, seems to have fresher ideas.

But why do people still think it is up to the global elite to change the world? My god, they (Lucas/RJ) say that the problem is we are a consumer society, defining ourselves by what we buy instead of what we produce. Yes, yes, very very true, watch “Century of the Self” (google it, it is free online) if you want to see how this world was created, but all we have to do to change this is STOP BUYING STUFF!!!

You want a revolution? Change yourself. Start PUBLICALLY valuing/praising people for what they do, not what they wear/consume. PUBLICALLY ridicule people for stupid consumption.

My god, people! Social media is the most powerful tool ever for spreading messages. Traditional advertising doesn’t stand a chance. Yes, I know that brands define clans, and we all want to be part of a clan (Apple– think different, except people who are different need not apply (i.e. ban on gays))

Oh, and I want a pony. Just in case the wish fairy is reading this post.


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