Zombies don’t dance flamenco

clipped from scallywagandvagabond’s blog. A pirate name if I ever heard one. Click on the photo to see the blog

The zombie is undead. This is a state worse than death, as it does not end. It is hell.

A pirate, on the other hand, is mortal (excepting those who are cursed by taking the wrong gold…). The pirate philosophy is to embrace the sweet shortness of life. His every action expresses this.

Yes, it is difficult to come to terms with mortality. Exuberant dance is one way, even more so if the dance is with a partner, expresses a full range of sense- and sexuality, and (even better) is done in front of an audience. Spanish guitar is a plus.

It is much harder to come to terms with immortality. And zombies don’t dance flamenco.



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