The way of the Pirate

Arrg! Whoever wrote that should be keelhauled! Sounds like someone who read too much Carlos Castenada at an impressionable age. Next he’ll be saying it is the way of the peaceful pirate or such. ‘Course, Dan Millman might have been a pirate.

Carlos was a sorcerer, not a pirate, but certainly found his own way through life.

What hogwash! Each pirate has his own way, that’s why they go into the business! And, to be frank with you, some of their ways just don’t work very well. Who said it was easy? Well, it is, if you happen to be one of the ones whose way matches the happy currents of luck and the times to produce success, but sailing against the tide won’t get you far.

Now you might be able to find some charts somewhere, learn the ropes, learn the winds. All that will help. You can improve your methods, and you should. But in the end,

You have your own way. Follow it.



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