Arrrrg or Rrrrg — choose your myth

Zombie or Pirate? Which lifestyle do you prefer? (image links to source)

A civilization’s nightmares encompass its darkest truths. The zombie myth has shown increasing traction in pop culture — witness the success of the Walking Dead series. And the zombie does somehow symbolize the fate of the many workers, sentenced to day after day of mind numbing drudgery. While you might have escaped this fate, you know of people who have not.

Nowhere is this better epitomized than in the classic Shaun of the Dead. The zombie apocolypes is not even noticed at first, and in the end Shaun and his (now zombified) friend still enjoy the simple pleasures of a video game in each other’s company. Society hasn’t changed.

Yet there is a second myth, more powerful than that of the zombie. A myth of walking out of society, of joining a band of independent and wild souls. This is the myth of the pirate.

Pirate or zombie, what’s it to be, matey? Arrr or rrrrg?

(of course some choose both)


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